Wild Fable line at Target!

Hey 90’s chicks!  This one is for you!  This new line, Wild Fable, at Target is the perfect combination of Urban Outfitters, H&M, and American Apparel all rolled into one.  And maybe with a little Cher from Clueless thrown in the mix too. (Legit, they have a yellow plaid skirt and top combo!)  Bold colors, fun prints, a mixture of textures…I love it!!!  There are feminine pieces, along with some sporty classics, and little bit of “grunge” street style thrown in there as well.  (And no, I don’t really know how to define “grunge” except maybe it falls under that category of “I do what I want!”)    Not only are there apparel items, but accessories and shoes too.  Shown below are some of my favorites from this collection. (click on the picture to shop it!) These items are extremely well priced, including a must-have basic tank for $3.00! And jeans for only $22.00!  AMAZING!  Happy shopping everyone!







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