I have been to Nashville three times now, and let me tell you, it is one of my favorite cities!  So when one of my best friends, Lauren, told me she was going there on a “Weekend Girls Trip” with her sisters and cousins and invited me to go, I said “YASSS!”.

If you love live music, good food, and a fun atmosphere then Nashville is the place for you. Not to mention the unlimited amount of little coffee shops and adorable boutiques that are scattered throughout the city. It’s the perfect place for a weekend (or longer) getaway whether you are with a group of girls or just your guy!

I could really go on and on about all the attractions that Nashville has to offer (sports, museums, music events), but that would take forever. If you want the whole list go here.  But what I am going to tell you below is all of MY favorite places that I have fell in love with.

First of all, if you are staying with a group then renting a house is the way to go. This past weekend we stayed in the cutest house off of 5th Ave North and it was perfect. It slept all of us comfortably (10 in beds, one air mattress, 2 on couch) and everyone was happy.  We were a quick one minute walk away from coffee shops and small local restaurants. (go to Airbnb Nashville, put in dates you want and how many people!)

For daytime activities, I am all about exploring different small shops and boutiques. Just a block from our rental house was an antique boutique, which had new womens clothing items and also vintage apparel and decor. We hopped in the car for a 15 minute ride to 12th Ave South, a long strip with all the stores and restaurants you could want on both sides. If the weather is not so great, I definitely recommend the Johnny Cash Museum located downtown.  It was very entertaining and interesting to see more about his life!  And of course, if you want to start drinking early, you can always hit up all the great bars and restaurants on Broadway downtown. For bachelorette parties, look into the “Pedal Tavern”, where you can tour different bars all while pedaling your own moving bar.

For Night time fun, there are a TON of bars to choose from, and almost all of them have live bands.  The talent that is in this city is amazing! If you’re willing to join the crowds then head downtown to Broadway.  The multilevel bars on both sides of the strip all offer great live bands, and the best part is there is no cover charge!  So you can walk in and out of any bar without having to feel like you have to stay because you spent money to get in.  My favorite bars on Broadway were Crossroads and Tin Roof.  Both had really great live bands and amazing atmosphere (so important!).


FOOD! If you’re like me, good food is key. It can make or break whether I like a city or not and if I am willing to go back. As I said before, I have now been to Nashville three times and have never had a bad meal. This town knows food.  If you’re staying downtown, be sure to go to Demos’ Restaurant for amazing Italian food and a quick wait time.  Close to our house on 5th Ave North was Red Bicycle coffee shop offering exceptional lattes and breakfast options, and down the street was Little Donkey mexican with the best selection of margaritas and street tacos.  Over on 12th Ave South is Frothy Monkey coffee shop that never disappoints and The Flipside restaurant, which takes you back to the 60s with its awesome retro decor and sensational milkshakes.

Whether you’re a planner and have a full itinerary of your trip before you go, or you like to “wing it” and start walking in any direction hoping to find something, you will not be disappointed.  Nashville seems to have it all. If you have been there, please be sure to comment with your favorite spots so others can see!  And if you have never been, GO!



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  • christinefrisella

    Yes! And the street is so long, there is so much to see! We only got to see part of it before we had to head back to the house. I think we need to go back….. another girls trip!? 😉

  • Lisa

    We LOVE Flipside! Andy and I went there last time we went to Nashville too!! 12th South is the BEST area and I’m sure even that much more built up since we’ve visited!!