Graphic Tees

Just because I am a mom, does not mean I want to “dress like a mom”.  If you know me, then you know my style has not changed at all since having kids. Why should it!?  (I mean, I won’t wear anything my grandmother wouldn’t approve of, but I did that before kids anyways…)  I like dressing girly some days, sporty on other days, and straight up rocker chick on the other-other days.  I have been looking for months for some cute graphic tees that would not break the bank.  And I found some! (See pics below)  I will be pairing mine with distressed jeans or jean shorts.  You can go all out and add some combat boots, or keep it simple with sandals or a cute pair of sneakers.  Whichever way you style, the best part is you will be comfortable!

Below are my favorites!  Click on the pictures to shop! (All are $14 or under!)  Also, I always read the sizing chart and the reviews when buying online.



Have fun with your style and be confident!!!



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  • Lydia

    I am seriously obsessed with both of the graphic tee’s you’re wearing and I can’t believe how inexpensive they are! I feel like we may just have to pick up some matching tee’s now! And I LOVE that your style hasn’t changed since having kids because it’s so good! Graphic tee’s and denim shorts are one of my fave looks for the summer.

    xo, Lydia

    • christinefrisella

      Thanks Lydia! Love your style as well! And I love matching with my friends, so perfect! 🙂