My Favorite Face Masks

If you’re like me, you LOVE a good face mask.  It’s that extra step in your skincare routine that takes your skin to the next level!  But, I can not tell you how annoying it is when a mask does not work….so frustrating!  There is nothing worse then spending money on a mask, wearing it on your face for what seems like forever, and then seeing zero results.  So below is a list of my favorite masks because they actually work!  Trust me, I actually own and use these. (Keep in mind my face is combination/oily and not sensitive… I break down each mask below!)

 This Cucumber Tonic Mask is my latest obsession because not only does it work, but it works FAST!  You leave on for 15-20 min, while some masks require longer to get the full effect, this one does its job in the time it says it will!  It cleans and tightens pores, evens skin tone, fights blemishes, and absorbs excess oil while cooling the skin with cucumber extract.  A little bit goes a long way, you only need a thin layer, so this product is well worth the $18.00 price!


 I am obsessed with anything charcoal for my skin and this Loreal Charcoal Mask is no exception. It works well in deep cleaning large pores and getting out all that nasty gunk.  Your skin after feels clean, balanced, refreshed, and smooth!  And for only $9.99.


 For dull, rough skin this mask is for you!  This L’Oréal Clay Mask has Red Algae along with volcanic rock (okay… awesome) to exfoliate tired skin and rejuvenate it.  Not to mention the 3 pure clays that draw out impurities and clean out dirt and oil from pores.  So refreshing!  $9.99


 I am sure many of you have seen or maybe already tried this Indian Healing Clay mask…it is a favorite for so many people!  It is made with 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, which deep cleans your pores and helps with stubborn acne.  (It also can be used in the bath or for foot scrubs and can help with insect bites!)  This mask is NOT for those with very sensitive skin, it does start to “pulsate” (as they call it) or I like to call it a “tingling burning sensation” and does leave the skin slightly red for about 30 min after using. BUT IT WORKS!  For first time users, leave the mask on for only 10-15 min, then as your skin gains tolerance you can start wearing for longer. I love how my skin feels after, very refreshing and cool. $8.99


 If you have never heard of Eminence skincare, you are missing out.  Some of my favorite skin care products come from this line, not to mention this brand is all organic!  Although this mask is more expensive than the others, you definitely get your moneys worth. (My bestie Jamie will agree)  This Clear Skin Probiotic Masque is for acne prone skin that needs a refreshing boost. It clears your complexion and revitalizes your skin to reveal a healthy glow!  This mask does not become “tight”, so I sometimes wear a super light layer to bed and wake up with the best skin! $38.99


Whichever mask you choose, be sure to clean your skin well beforehand.  This will ensure the mask can perform its best and really get into your pores!  I like to use after I exfoliate and use cleanser in the shower; I find they work best when my pores are open from the hot water.  Follow with a mild toner, vitamin C serum, and then your moisturizer or night cream.

Let me know if you try one and how you like it!  Send me pics!




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  • Lydia

    I LOVE a good face mask and I haven’t tried any of these besides the Indian healing clay mask. Definitely going to have to purchase some of these because they are all calling my name. Thanks for sharing all of your faves!

    xo, Lydia