Preschool Style!

I am sure all moms can agree that Back to School time is bittersweet.  We know we’re going to miss spending all that extra time with our precious little ones….and at the same time, we can’t wait to get rid of them. Because entertaining them is exhausting!!!  Luckily, my 4 yr old LOVES school. (This will be his 2nd yr of preschool).  He seriously can’t wait for school to start and has been talking about it ever since Target put out their first backpack.  He is all excited about his new classroom, the friends he is going to make, and all the new clothes he got to get (cause literally he is growing like a weed and nothing fits him for more than 6 months!).   I rounded up all the cute items I got him for this school year and linked them all below!  (just click the picture to shop!)  As always, all the items are very reasonably priced….cause lets be honest they will eventually come home with marker or paint ALL over themselves.

         The Harry Potter nerd in me is freaking out over these tees!!!!!        Mom tip:  The stretchy waistband jeans are the BEST!  They are so much easier for a potty-trained toddler to take on and off.  Buttons and snaps are so hard! These cute joggers run big!  Size down!


Everything shown can be mixed and matched (all tops go with all bottoms) so your little guy can have fun picking out his own clothes!  Luca loves it!  Happy Back to School!




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