Top 5 Beauty Products

Everyone has their “go-to”, “must-have”, “loose my mind if I run out of it” products!  I do!  But, I will also be the first to admit that I hate makeup.  HATE IT!  I have never been good at applying it and I really just wish that I didn’t need to wear it.  Most days, I go without to give my skin a break.  I find, the less makeup I wear, the less I need it!  Makeup clogs your pores and causes acne, which is really ironic considering we all wear it to cover up that same acne.  However, we all continue to wear it because lets face it, sometimes we look like zombies from ‘Night of the Living Dead’ if we don’t.  And don’t get me wrong; sometimes makeup can be fun!  I love dressing up and going all glam with a red lip.  But considering that those times are very rare, I chose to keep my makeup as low key as possible for my day-to-day “mom” operations.  So here are my “Top 5” beauty products that I love and why!
#1 BB Cream with SPF
If you are not wearing an SPF everyday, you need to get with the program!  Welcome to 2018 where there are endless facial sunscreens to chose from.  Its not like you have to whip out your regular sunscreen and gob that all over your face…gross. (Now that would really clog your pores.)  There are a lot of everyday face lotions that have SPF in them. The one your currently using might even have it and you just didn’t know.  SPF is not just recommended so that you don’t burn the skin on your face; it is anti-aging.  It may not help any wrinkles you already have, but it will help prevent new ones from forming.  Sun exposure causes fine lines and wrinkles, and not to mention skin cancer (but we are not going to go there, that is a whole blog post in itself).
The Andalou BB Cream is my new favorite obsession. I use it in place of a lotion.  It moisturizes, while keeping my face matte all day.  It also has anti-aging properties and acne fighting ingredients.  It truly is a win-win!
#2 Brow Pensil
You may have heard, but brows are in!  The thicker and bigger the better!  I however, do not have hardly any eyebrows….thanks mom and dad.  So I turn to my trusted eyebrow pencil and fill them in myself!  I am all for that natural look.  I was NOT born with it, it really is Maybelline.  But thats ok, because if you do it correctly then they do look natural.  Follow the lines that you already have and don’t make them too pointy.  Lauren Conrad did a tutorial on her blog and you can see that here.  That is how I first learned.  This Maybelline brow pencil is great because it comes with the tiny brush on the end to fluff them.  I like how the brush is smaller and not so long, which helps in blending.
#3 Glossier Cloud Paint
My Holy Grail!  Having oily skin, my blush would usually disappear in a few hours and I would always have to reapply.  Not with Glossier Cloud Paint!  It seriously lasts all day.  It is the perfect consistency:  Goes on smooth, you can’t feel it once its on, and washes off easily!  There are several shades to choose from, BUT the best part is you can mix them together in your palm and create your perfect shade every time!  I use the shades Dusk and Haze.  There are days that I only wear Dusk, and then there are days where I add in Haze to make the perfect dusty pink.  I go off what I am wearing and what shade of lipstick I will be wearing that day.  Glossier has multiple examples of how you can blend the different shades on their website here!
#4 E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator
How annoying is it when you are applying you lip stain and you have dry skin on your lips!?  You might as well wipe that off and start over, because that will just continue to chap your lips all day.  I love using a lip exfoliator before putting any kind of lipstick, stain, or gloss on.  It not on gets all the dead skin off, but moisturizes and plumps them up! The E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator comes in a couple different flavors, but I love the Brown Sugar.  I rub it over my top and bottom lip for about 15 seconds each, and then wipe off any excess with a towel (cause it really has brown sugar in it!).  Afterwards, my lips are so soft and makes applying lipstick a breeze!
#5 Covergirl Mascara
I have gone through a LOT of mascara in my days. I started wearing mascara in high school… and let me tell you I probably kept mascara companies in business with how much I wore.  I have toned it down since then, thank God.  But through all the different mascaras I wore, there was only one that I ended up liking enough to keep re-buying it.  This Covergirl Mascara is the only mascara that does not start running down my face an hour after applying.  It actually lasts all day!  And coming from a girl with oily skin, that means a lot.  I usually only apply it to my top lashes unless getting dressed up for special occasions, but the end result is fantastic.  It does not clump, it spreads out my lashes, and gives them natural looking volume!  Again, the more natural looking the better!
So there you have it!  My Top 5!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  If you end up trying one of these products, please let me know what you think!
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