My Boy’s Room

This April my boys turn 3 and 5. Excuse me while I go have a cry session real quick…..

So with them being close in age, and mostly because we have a 3 bedroom house, we decided to get them bunk beds to eventually free up the third bedroom for a potential (and last) baby or an office space for my husband and I. Arlo is 3 this month and is still in his crib (no complaints about that however since he has never once tried to climb out) so we want to have a bed option ready for him for as soon as he is willing. Plus Luca is ALL about bunk beds since he had some friends who got them.

What bed did we get: I did some research and shopped around for quite some time. I ended up purchasing the Wayfair Bellmead Twin Bunk Bed. Not only do I love the look of it, but I love the features. I wanted something lower to the ground (because boys are crazy) so there was a less chance for broken bones while going up and down the ladder. This bed is as low to the ground as you can get (without actually laying on the ground with no mattress). It also comes in 3 colors (white, gray, dark wood). But the BEST feature is that it can convert to two twin beds if needed. So later down the road, if I no longer want them to be in the same room or have bunk beds, I can separate the beds and have 2 regular twin beds!

For mattresses, we went with Zinus 6 inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. For bunkbeds, you have to go with mattresses that are 6 inches or less in thickness. They do recommend using spring mattresses versus memory foam (which we ignored…see my “side note below”). But they love our memory foam in our room so I wanted to get them similar mattresses to ours. See the pictures and links below for other mattress options that I found. All have good reviews and are great prices.

Side Note: The ONLY downside that I found in this bed is that the horizontal wooden beams on the bottom that support that the mattresses are fairly far apart. I did not notice this when we purchased and it was not until my husband put it together that I got a little worried. I had purchased my boys memory foam mattresses and knew that there was no way they would work without some more support. SO, I measured the area the mattress would be and sent my husband to Lowe’s to get two thin sheets of plywood. It worked perfectly. We layed the plywood down on the beams and the mattresses on top of that!

Below are the green quilts and navy curtains they have in their room, plus some other decorations that I love! Be sure to get Blackout curtains if they will be taking naps and need the room dark. I also did quilts instead of comforters since my boys get so hot when they sleep.

Another side note: the license plates I have as decor on their wall are from a vintage resale shop. If you like them, check your local vintage market!

As always, let me know if you have any questions regarding anything above.



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