Earring Trends I’m Loving

I have never considered myself an “earring girl” until recently.  (Actually, since I used to be a store manager for Charming Charlie back in the day, I have not been a “jewelry of any kind girl” since I got so burnt out on it….) BUT I am loving all the current earring trends and keep finding myself buying more and more of them.  I am so drawn to all the fun and colorful styles that are out there.  And, the best thing about jewelry is you can pair them with so many different outfits.  Below are my favorites, all of which you can wear now and also take with you into fall!


Acrylic Earrings! Who knew that plastic jewelry would be in style again!?  I would have never guessed….but i guess everything “comes back” into style. This time, in a more elegant manner, and with a more marbled look!  I love the metal and acrylic paired together, and also the variations between hoops and dangled earrings.  SO cute!  (All options shown above are currently $25 and under!  Click the pictures to shop!)



Suede Earrings!  I am obsessed with these because of how lightweight they are!  (If earrings are too heavy, my ear lobes start to hurt.  But these you can barely tell that they are even on!)  The shape is adorable and I love that the suede gives a soft texture to the outfit as well.  My girls at Ashley Jayne Boutique here in St. Louis sell them and they have them in a bunch of colors.  I posted my favorite colors above (they are all very versatile, great for all seasons!). $12.00 

Ashley Jayne also has their signature Leather Earrings (another lightweight option) with multiple colors, sizes and textures!  Check them out!



Tassel Earrings!  It does not get more fun than tassel earrings, these babies scream PARTY!  For summer, the brighter the better!  For fall, switch to darker tones or more neutral colors to go with the changing season!  (All of the options shown are currently $25 and under! Click the picture to shop)   I am sure many of you have also seen the beaded tassel earrings too! Those are another great option, so fun and daring!  I do love them, but personally can not wear them since they are heavier.  If your ears can take it, go for it!!!!!!

Happy Shopping!



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